Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Friendship Tree

The Friendship Tree
It starts by chance or intention, a seed of friendship.
Planted well in life giving soil and abundant rain to help it grow.
At first, a funny and oddly growing sprout.
Tended and tendered with affection.
A gentle plant grows with each and every day.
Bringing about appreciation, accomplishments, laughter, and smiles.
From time to time a tear or unfortunate means may postpone the growth.
Sometimes a scar can be overcome with unconditional care.
Still the tiny plant grows.
Separation is not a matter of forgetting but more a matter of circumstance.
Still the blooms come about.
Lovely in color and fragrant are the blooms.
But one may be stunted and need to be pruned.
Establishing the roots of a sturdy and well balanced trunk.
A thick ring of life spills out from the care and love given over time.
Branches grow strong.
Leaves cover the adoring tree of friendship with multiple colors.
Spreading itself widely across other life forms to help structure and grow.
At times, in coldness, the tree sheds many leaves.
With time, the dormant life returns and once again, brings new growth.
Returning season after season with more spectacular wonder.
Over time, through storms and environment, branches sever and are lost.
However, a few hearty branches, weather every bad storm.
Diligently cared for, the purpose is to sustain the tree, but not all it’s branches or blooms.
A withstanding tree now withered with age.
Even a dying tree can bring about new sprouts from good roots.
It’s life, over hundreds of years has grown, entertained, provided, shaded, adored, loved, lost, removed and more importantly persevered and lived to it’s greatest potential.

Moral: Friends will always come and go. Very few last a lifetime. What you take away from your friendships and relationships are your life lessons.